Le plutonium

Courriel reçu des USA: «As for plutonium in solution, plutonium isn't very soluable, (as Scott has said before, the laws of physics haven't changed). This isn't in dispute. Plutonium oxide is a ceramic. Sand disolves more readily in water than plutonium oxide. If we assume that the laws of physics are about to change and plutonium will somehow become more soluable, there is still little concern of plutonium migrating through hundreds of meters of solid rock to the surface. For one thing, it's intended that the plutonium be glassified and contained. For another, it's intended to be burried in areas with low ground water speeds (measured in inches per century in the case of the Canadian Shield). For another, disolved plutonium has a chemical affinity for many types of rock which would prevent disolved plutonium from migrating very far. One other point, plutonium just isn't as dangerous as Ralph Nader would have us believe.»