Due to colonial nuclear radioactive tests,
several cancer cases recorded among Former Sahara detainees
ADIT,, décembre 2007

     Representatives of what is known as former "Sahara detainees" are to meet today chairman of the National Advisory Commission for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights (CNCPPDH), as to inform him about several cancer cases among former detainees in prisons located in the Algerian desert. "Sahara detainees" representative say that cancer cases are due to nuclear radiation of French tests in the desert during the colonial period.
     "Sahara detainees" representative spokesman, Mr. Abdelaziz Abdenasser, said that the former detainees want to inform CNCPPDH chairman Mr. Farouk Ksentini about the death from lever cancer of two former detainees of Ain Amkel prison in Tamanrasset (Southern Algeria), namely Mr. Khaled Salah 56 years old from Chlef province and Mr. Rabah Bouzouaoui from Algiers, whereas a third former detainee is hospitalized suffering from the same disease.
Mr. Abdenasser added that a fourth case is underscored, he is a former detainee living in La Montagne Street, southern Algiers and he is suffering from jaw tumour. 
     "Sahara detainees" spokesman said that some detainees used to be jailed in Ain Amkel prison which is situated 100 m from French nuclear test spot. To recall, "Sahara Detainees" is a name given to about 180 thousands militants and activists of Islamic Salvation Front party FIS, who were arrested and jailed in 1992 in several prisons in the Algerian desert.