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Plans de nombreux réacteurs nucléaires mondiaux (~ 100)

     NEI is republishing its entire back archives of reactor wallcharts. From the Fermi Pile (#2) to the EPR (#98), the series of 100 charts covers the entire history of the nuclear industry, worldwide. Every major type of reactor technology is covered: PWRs, BWRs, PHWRs, FBRs, HTGRs, Magnox, and others (remember the organic moderated reactors).
     Not all the designs were eventually built. Some of the more interesting non-starters include the marine-based Atlantic Generating Station, #59, and the Argentinian Argos PHWR-380, #92, and the nearly-completed Alto Lazio 1&2 in Italy (#84). Some are still planned (SAFR, #91, PRISM, #94) or under construction, such as Korea’s Shin-Kori 1&2 (# 101).
     For optimal study, high-resolution scans of all the wallcharts are now available as either a high-resolution PDF file ($99.99, or GBP62 each) or as a print ($199.99, or GBP124 each, including postage).
     Download the list as a PDF: To place an order, send an email with the chart numbers and your telephone number to and we will get in touch to arrange payment by credit card. Please do not send credit card details over email.

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