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    There is nowhere to hide from rain in Ghost Town.

Up on the roof

    From here, the shining cloud above the reactor must have been a staggering sight.
    Standing on the roof of the highest building in this empty town brings a feeling of being completely alone in the world - like this whole town is.

    Time stands still in Ghost Town.
    Maybe it is because the clocks here don't measure time - they measure radiation levels.

    There is no phone service. Cellular phones don't work either.

    The day after the accident, this place on the bridge provided a good view of the gaping crack in the nuclear containment vessel that was ruptured by the explosion. Many curious people came here to have a look and were bathed in a flood of x-rays emanating directly from the inside of the glowing nuclear core.

This is what is left of the swimming pool "Azure"

    Beethoven's moonlight sonata lies trampled in a gutter.

image encore à venir...



    It is time to thank you all for reading this.
    The last photos are of the town kindergarden.
    There are hundreds of little gas masks, a teachers diary and a last note saying that their walk on Saturday has been canceled due to some unforeseen contingency.
    Farther photos don't need my comments, they tell the the Ghost Town's story in a way that no words can.



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